Hungarian democracy is at risk
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  A petition urging the EU to stand up for its values
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"The new state that we are constructing in Hungary is an illiberal state [...]

Our membership of the European Union does not rule this out"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán,
July 2014

In face of authoritarian policy pursued by Viktor Orban’s government in Hungary since 2010, we call on the European Union (EU) to act firmly and defend the democratic values of the European project.

Many Hungarians oppose the populist and authoritarian excesses of the Orban government and have been calling for support from the EU to protect democracy in their country. While the European Commission addresses some aspects of the Hungarian situation through a legalistic and technocratic approach, it keeps shying away from strong political action.

First Hungary, now Poland: which country tomorrow?

In joining the EU, Hungary made a commitment to respect the rule of law, democracy and the values of equality, freedom, justice and fundamental rights.

By giving free rein to the practices of Mr. Orban, European institutions have been encouraging other Member States such as Poland to join Hungary in its authoritarian drift.

The EU cannot allow this trend to further spread to other Member states. It has to step up, strongly condemn these practices and insist that these member states respect their commitment to European values.

With this initiative, we hope to support those thousands of Hungarians, and now Poles opposed to their governments’ increasingly authoritarian and anti-human rights agenda.

Europe is not just a market, it’s a democratic project too. Join our call to EU institutions by signing up!